🌟Jeff and Camilla Bollig - November 21, 2015 | 🕺DJ Mark, Chattanooga Weddings, With Class | Stratton Hall

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue: Stratton Hall - Chattanooga, TN

Here's a HD Mini-Vid I created with my HD photo stills and my GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition... This HD video is visible from a PC and should be viewed with the Highest HD setting.

Here are the HD snapshots, Copyright With Class LLC...
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It was great working with Chattanooga, TN
Pro Photographer Brittany Carpenter!
Besides the treasure trove in that link above, here's an amazing pic...

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Special thanks to Chattanooga Wedding Photographer, Brittany Carpenter:
I've featured 2 of her photos: one as the video's cover and another within the video. 
You can find all of the Brittany's Bollig photos HERE: